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Our journey ends in Hong Kong, but with a BANG! 30.08.2010
We've arrived in Hong Kong! 28.08.2010
A quick stop in Guilin 27.08.2010
Trekking up Moon Hill then bamboo rafting down Yulong River 25.08.2010
Kayaking on the Li River 24.08.2010
A breathtaking cruise on the Li River 23.08.2010
A quick stop in Kunming, China 22.08.2010
Vientiane, another unexpected but pleasant surprise 20.08.2010
Hanging out with backpackers in Vang Vieng 16.08.2010
The amazing road from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng 15.08.2010
Luang Prabang, Pearl of Indochina 14.08.2010
Elephant Day 12.08.2010
Trekking in the mud near Luang Prabang 11.08.2010
The Floating Villages of Lake Tonle Sap 10.08.2010
The Temples of Angkor - Part 2 09.08.2010
Discovering the breathtaking temples of Angkor - Part 1 07.08.2010
A pleasant surprise in Phnom Penh 04.08.2010
Getting tight and cozy in the Cu Chi Tunnels 31.07.2010
Exploring the Mekong delta 30.07.2010
Relaxing at Cua Dai beach 28.07.2010
Exploring what's left of the Cham Empire at My Son 27.07.2010
Pouring rain in Hoi An 26.07.2010
Cruising down Perfume River 23.07.2010
A very hot day in Hue's Citadel, Vietnam's Forbidden City 22.07.2010
Sapa and the impressive mountains of Northern Vietnam 20.07.2010
Getting wet rowing a boat in Ninh Binh! 17.07.2010
An incredible cruise in Halong Bay... shortened by Conson 16.07.2010
Busy day in Hanoi 13.07.2010
We've arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam 11.07.2010
A relaxing day at Ancient City 11.07.2010
Finally something fun at Safari World 10.07.2010
Dealing with temple overdose at Wat Pho 09.07.2010
Goodbye Beijing, Hello Bangkok! 08.07.2010
Cooling off at the Summer Palace... like the Mings! 07.07.2010
Looking for shade in Tiananmen Square (it was not easy) 06.07.2010
Sweating the Huttongs 04.07.2010
Do you feel like snacking on a scorpion? 04.07.2010
The Pearl Market 04.07.2010
The Temple of Heaven 03.07.2010
The Great Wall 03.07.2010
The Forbidden City 02.07.2010
The Beijing Zoo & Aquarium 01.07.2010
We've arrived in Beijing! 30.06.2010