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Sweating the Huttongs

sunny 40 °C
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It was a REALLY hot day (40 C, 104 F), apparently the hottest July day in Beijing in over 60 years. That did not scare us and we went wandering into Beijing's famous Huttong district (small stone houses that use to cover Beijing a the turn of the century) to the north, next to the Drum and Bell Towers, and then walked to the Behai Park with a nice pause on the lake (electric boats = much better than pedal boats under the dreadful heat). When we finally got home, Matthias and Oscar were walking zombies! Maybe it was a bit too much!


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Do you feel like snacking on a scorpion?

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The other night we went to the Wangfujing Snack Street. Wangfujing is sort of Beijing's pedestrian Fifth Avenue or Champs Elysees... and off the street is this maze of small snack vendors offering all sorts of BBQ meats and critters. BBQ scorpions taste like chips (we were told) and they pack a lot of protein (note to self: eat a scorpion after you exercise). We had the fried banana and something tofu-based. We're all alive and well.

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The Pearl Market

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After the Temple of Heaven, we were ready to go back to the hotel but we stumbled onto the Pearl Market. Lots of stuff inside, like small electronics, clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. Vendors are VERY VERY VERY pushy... but some of us could have spent the whole day, even more. Matthias and Oscar got really bored and decided to beat up each other, to the great delight of local shop keepers.


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The Temple of Heaven

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This morning, we tried to reach the Pajyayuan flee market but the taxi driver took us to some sad looking antique store complex... so we headed immediately to the Temple of Heaven which was nearby. It was very hot, but still, it's a very impressive destination.

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The Great Wall

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We booked a tour yesterday to see the Great Wall at Metanyu, which is about 1.5 hour away from Beijing. We had a private van and a guide, it was nice but pricey. We went up the wall using an open air cable car, and down using a toboggan. It is a bit touristy, I have to say, but the kids did enjoy it (and so did we). We manage to explore a small portion on non-renovated Wall. There was big signs saying tourists were not allowed further, but we played it like in Palermo and went ahead and took our guide with us (it was the first time for her).

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