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Our journey ends in Hong Kong, but with a BANG!

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We stayed about 4 days in Hong Kong and we had a lot of fun. We went to Victoria Peak (by bus it was MUCH more scenic than the famous Peak Tram, which we took on the way down), had an hour long stroll on Lugard Road which goes around the mountain peak and has some impressive views. That night we went to Kowloon to see the Festival of Lights, a light that takes place every night on both sides on the Hong Kong Harbour. We had a terrific spot to watch it from the Avenue of the Stars, the HK equivalent of Hollywood Boulevard, but on the water. The next day, we had a relaxing day at the beach at Repulse Bay, just 25 minutes from HK Central, using the super-efficient bus system. The last day, we did what 99% of the tourists do in HK: shopping. We went to the Ladies Market in Kowloon, and we spend the last dinner in Soho, the new cool happening neighborhood in the mid-levels (and we finally got to take the tram). And the next day, unfortunately, it was time to take a plane back to New York. Oscar is going to miss the view from our hotel room... in fact, we are all going to miss something about Asia...


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We've arrived in Hong Kong!

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Our night train dropped us in Shenzhen, we crossed the border on foot and took the efficient HK subway/train system to our apartment in North Point, Hong Kong Island. We are on the 18th floor, with a nice harbor view, a pool and right across the street from the subway...nice! Our first day starts in Central, we climb up to the mid-levels using the the famous escalators, walked around a bit, visited the zoo, and had dinner in Lan Kwai Fung.


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A quick stop in Guilin

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We left Yangshuo for Guilin where we spent the day before catching a night train to Hong Kong. 20 years ago, apparently Guilin had just one street and was a backpacker heaven. Now it's a big city (600,000+) and possibly the third most visited city in China after Beijing and Shanghai.... but I am REALLY glad we skipped it!!!! We went exploring a cave lit up with all sorts of crazy disco lights, and just walked around the city, had dinner and left with the night train which was very nice.


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Trekking up Moon Hill then bamboo rafting down Yulong River

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Although we know it will be painful, we decided to climb up Moon Hill, a famous karst mountain with a moon-shaped hole near the top. Well, the view up there is really worth the effort! After that, we went rafting again, but this time on the Yulong (Dragon) River, which is not as wide as the Li River. The bamboo rafts are 2-seaters (vs 6 on the Li) and man-powered (vs motor powered on the Li) but the scenery is just as amazing. Matthias and Oscar enjoy yet another day of "Water War". After the ride, we booked tickets to see an amazing show, set in the largest natural stage stage in the world and directed by the same person who directed the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony. 600 participants!


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Kayaking on the Li River

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The next day, we went again to the the beach close to the hotel and then in the afternoon, we decided to go kayaking. We had to take a a mini bus which took to another part on the river, less scenic, but much much more quiet and far away from all the cruise boats from Guilin (the cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo is arguably the most famous and most scenic cruise in China, but at peak time, all the cruise boats are back to back so kayak is impossible). We paddled down the river for 3 hours. It was us, some buffaloes, some birds, bamboo trees and the mountains. It was beautiful. After paddling for 3 hours, we were pretty happy to lounge at the hotel and enjoy a scenic outdoor diner.


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